To become a leading asset management company in Vietnam with professional services, bringing surplus returns and added value to customers as well as a desirable workplace for employees, ensuring sustainable growth of the PORTFOLIO UNDER MANAGEMENT and PVI AM.


As a manifesto to express our beliefs, purposes, philosophy and business principles, affirming the reason for the establishment and existence of PVI AM, our mission are as follow:

Lead capital for businesses and Vietnam's economy to develop

-  To be a professional investment and asset management arm for companies in the PVI system, contributing to make PVI become the TOP 1 Insurance-Investment financial institution in Vietnam;

-  To provide unique financial products and services with professional service quality to bring the highest efficiency of capital for customers, investors and shareholders;

Increase sustainable value for customers

-  Sustainable development, contributing to improve the life of employees as well as making more and more contributions to the society.


    PVI AM's core values are built on three main foundations:
    "People - System - Brand"
  •   The role of the employees in PVI AM, from employees to the leadership team, are very important. All employees contribute value to the company, are given favorable conditions to work, develop and are properly recognized. Emphasizing the role of employees is promoting the sustainable development of the company.
  •   PVI AM constantly strengthens and builds the foundation of a transparent and professional system to achieve the highest efficiency, while ensuring customers and partners will feel the value and trust in products with the PVI AM brand in particular and the PVI brand in general.