The annual shareholders’ meeting 2016 of PVI AM achieved great success.

02:51 PM @ Tuesday - 31 May, 2016

The annual shareholders’ meeting 2016 of PVI AM achieved great success.

On April 29th 2016, at PVI’s headquarter at No.1 Pham Van Bach Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, the annual shareholders’ meeting 2016 of PVI AM took place successfully.

Attending the meeting were Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, PVI’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Ton Thien Viet, Vice Chairman of the Board and all shareholders of PVI AM.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, PVI AM’s Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Tran Tung Linh, General Director of PVI AM, chaired the conference.

Annual shareholders’ meeting 2016 of PVI AM approved the following contents: statement of profit and loss in 2015 and business plan 2016; report on the activities of the Board in 2015 and its work plan in 2016; report on activities of the Supervisory Committee in 2015, 2015 audited financial statement; profit distribution statement in 2015 and plans for 2016; statement on the selection of independent auditor to check Financial Statement and Financial Adequacy Ratio in 2016; statement on amendment and supplement to charter of PVI AM; statement on approval of signing contracts and transactions between the company and major shareholders in 2016.

Profit and loss statement in 2015 of PVI AM was approved. In the context of difficult economy, executive board of the company carried out business measures based on efforts of all workers; thereby handling challenges and completing defined goals. The total revenue reached 21.99 billion VND, achieved 103.7% of the year plan of 2015; profit before tax reached 5.05 billion VND, equivalent to 157.2% of 2015, the state budget reached 2.02 billion VND, completing 134.7% of 2015; and finally dividend was expected up to 7% per year.

In 2015, PVI AM safely and effectively received, operated and managed an asset valued at over 8,500 billion VND from PVI and member units. In addition, it oversaw and solved any problems that raised during its operating process. It also provided strategic partner HDI-Gerling with securities and investment services. Especially, in the field of office for lease, PVI Building was awarded “Vietnam best office development” in 2015 at the Asia-Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016 held in the framework of Conference of Asia-Pacific Property in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and 90.54% of its space were occupied by PVI and clients, creating high revenue. In terms of asset management, this company established PVI Opportunity Investment Fund (POF) with the contributed capital of 440 billion VND in October 2015. Currently, it is completing procedures to receive a total of 1,000 billion VND in the near future. In addition, PVI AM actively enhanced the management in business, party committee and employees. Besides, it focused on investment through POF and consultancy of asset restructuring for members in PVI system.

The year of 2016 is forecasted to be a challenging and difficult one for the economy in general and enterprises in particular. Therefore, leadership of PVI AM has demonstrated tasks for 2016. Particularly, it is expected to reach the total revenue of 30.3 billion VND, equivalent to 137.8% compared to last year; profit before tax of VND 4.89 billion VND, equivalent to 97% of 2015; contribution to the state budget of 1.8 billion VND, equivalent to 89.1% of 2015. It also pays attention to the investment of POF with positive NAV and assures average dividend provided as planned, provision of consultancy of asset restructuring to companies under PVI system.