PVI Opportunity Fund – Stable growth

04:14 PM @ Tuesday - 20 June, 2017

PVI Opportunity Fund (POF) which are managed by PVI Asset Management JSC (PVI AM) was officially established on Oct. 8th, 2015 with total capital of VND 440 billion. Continuing from initial promising results, in 2016, POF had pushed investment activities based on the meticulous planning and strategy approved by the Representative Board. Facing the ever present difficulties and challenges of the market, POF has structured and closely monitored a secured and flexible investment portfolio that both minimizes risk and be ready to invest when opportunities arise.

2016 is the year the market was heavily impacted by major fluctuations in large economies, causing significant risks but also opening new opportunities for investment. POF has managed to take advantage of the situation and conclude the year with a positive outcome. Specifically, POF has earned a profit of 69.7 billion VND, recording a ROA of 15.67%. Accordingly, the total dividend amount of 2015 and 2016 returning to shareholders reached VND 55 billion, exceeding approximately VND 20 billion compared to the original target.

Within the same year, POF had successfully raised the capital to VND 1,000 billion (on Sep 15th, 2016), allowing the fund to expand its investment scale and approach new opportunities. Additionally, POF had also ensured stable and effective operations of the fund by providing constant updates, recognizing the share holders’ demands in order to make appropriate adjustments to the investment portfolio.

In 2017, the Vietnamese economy has been recovering from the slow growth in 2016, caused by macroeconomics factors such as: harsh weather affecting the agriculture, low oil prices negatively influencing the industrial sector... Overall, the financial market will offer new opportunities as well as challenges. With that in mind, POF’s Representative Board and PVI AM will focus on developing a business goal and strategic direction to ensure an effective 2017.

On June 1st, 2017, the POF’s Annual Shareholder Meeting has approved a number of directives in relation to the fund’s operations, in which, the planned ROA in 2017 is 8%. Up to now, the ratio has reached 6.5%, thus, POF will probably exceed the 2017 target if the market remains stable.

With the support of shareholders along with the experience, knowledge and unending effort of PVI AM’s employees, POF will continue to be successful and grow up, affirming its position on the market.