Never stop learning and innovating.

"Qualification is not the decisive factor"

PVI AM builds a corporate culture towards dedication and responsibility. We appreciate the creativity and continuous learning of each individual. Important is how you work, striving to contribute to the overall results of the company, not your qualifications.

Be open and willing to share

"The best workplace"

At PVI AM, we are a family. PVI AM creates an open and sharing working environment. We work in teamwork, all problems are solved together. Work pressure is no longer a problem, you will feel excited every day you go to work.

Apply global standards

"Close the gap, integrate with the world"

With a professional management system and risk control mechanism, with the ethics and professional qualifications of PVI AM's staff, we have built the trust of customers and shareholders. In addition, with the support from the major foreign shareholder of the Parent Company - HDI in corporate governance, PVI AM is gradually applying international standards to PVI AM's operations, close the gap and integrate with the world.